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Arrest of an oil tanker in worth of 9.4 million UAH has been imposed in case regarding the evasion of customs duties

19.08.2019 -

By the request of the tax police employees of the Head office of the SFS in Kherson region, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol the court has imposed an arrest of an oil tanker with a customs value of 9.4 million UAH which appears in case regarding the evasion of customs duties.

Kherson company whose officials purchased an oil tanker from a non-resident company by the electronic bidding that was imported to Ukraine in the customs regime of “recycle processing” with the declared value of 9.4 million UAH on the basis of the customs declaration without payment of the corresponding customs duties has been identified within the framework of operation “Rubizh”, “Bastion” and investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 1 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Meanwhile and despite the fact that the oil tanker has not undergone the customs clearance, the identified individuals started it’s dismantling for the scrap metal in order to obtain the undeclared profit.

As a result of such actions, the involved individuals have done evasion of the import duty and the value added tax payment for a total amount of over 881 thousand UAH to the budget which is a considerable amount.

The specified oil tanker has been seized and transferred to responsible storage and its protection according to the results of proceeded actions.

Arrest of the seized oil tanker has been imposed by Kherson Court of Appeal by the request of the tax police employees.

Pre-trial investigation is ongoing.