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Scheme on the illegal import of mobile phones and office equipment with a turnover of more than 50 million UAH was exposed in Kyiv

05.11.2019 -

Employees of tax police of the SFS in Kyiv region jointly with employees of the tax police of the central apparatus of the State Fiscal Service under the procedural guidance of the regional Prosecutor’s office liquidated scheme on the illegal import of mobile phones and office equipment in the course of which transactions for more than 50 million UAH have been carried out over 2018-2019.

Group of officials of local companies that imported mobile phones and office equipment of Chinese production to Ukraine without the customs control have been identified within the framework of the operation “Rubizh” and investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 3 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Certification of the specified products in the territory of Ukraine was carried out on the basis of forged documents or did not take place at all.

Furtherly, illegally imported goods were sold to the end consumers on the territory of Ukraine via the Internet, including a specialized online store, using one of the logistics companies to deliver the goods.

Herewith, the end consumers paid for the goods received through the financial company’s service to the controlled individuals - entrepreneurs who use the simplified taxation system. Such actions have allowed breakers of law to conceal real amounts of income and to evade payment of taxes.

254 smartphones and 1016 gadgets (bracelets, Bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi amplifiers, power jars, speakers, headphones, electronic scales, routers, wireless charging, TV consoles, monopods, etc.) of well-known brands, with a total estimated cost of about 2.7 million UAH, as well as stamps of the controlled individuals - entrepreneurs, drafts, electronic storage media and other evidence of illegal activity were seized as a result of the authorized searches conducted in the trade pavilion in Kyiv where storage and sale of the goods were carried out.

Request for imposition of arrest at seized products and documents were sent to the court.

The investigation is ongoing.