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Activity of 3 illegal gas stations was stopped in Mykolayiv. Fuel and lubricants almost for 600 thousand UAH were seized

08.11.2019 -

Employees of tax police of the SFS in Mykolayiv region jointly with officers of the Security service of Ukraine stopped activity of 3 illegal gas stations and seized a batch of fuel and lubricants.

Within the framework of operation “excise-2019” it was detected that there are three gas filling stations that carry out activity in the territory of region without the corresponding permits for this type of activity.

Almost 5.8 thousand liters of gasoline, more than 8.4 thousand liters of diesel fuel and 16.8 thousand liters of liquefied gas with a total estimated cost of almost 600 thousand UAH, as well as gas station equipment worth more than 1.2 million UAH were seized from illicit turnover and transferred to responsible storage as a result of proceeded measures.

Protocols under Part 1 Article 164 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses have been complied.