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Online trade of illegally imported foreign tobacco products was stopped in Zaporizhzhia region

03.12.2019 -

Tax police officers of the SFS in Zaporizhzhia region stopped illegal online trade of foreign cigarettes and seized goods for 2 million UAH.

Local resident who carried out the sale of tobacco products of foreign production imported to Ukraine outside customs control has been identified within the framework of operation “Excise-2019” and “Rubizh”.

The defendant carried out the sale of products through one trading platform via the Internet, as well as through closed groups in messengers. The cigarettes were sold without the excise tax stamps of Ukraine.

44 thousand packs of tobacco products in assortment with labels of foreign brands without the excise stamps of Ukraine with estimated cost of 2 million UAH were seized and transferred to responsible storage as a result of proceeded actions.

In this regard, protocol on administrative offense was compiled against the organizer of illegal activity and was sent to the court for consideration and decision-making according to the current legislation.