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Activity of illegal gas station that carried out the unlicensed sale of fuel was stopped in Rivne region. Fuel with estimated cost of more than 700 thousand UAH was seized

13.12.2019 -

Employees of tax police of the SFS in Rivne region stopped activity of illegal gas station and seized a large batch of fuel.

Resident of Poltava region who carried out the retail sale of fuel and lubricants, having any appropriate licenses for specified type fof activity has been identified within the framework of operation “Excise-2019”.

22 tons of diesel fuel and gasoline A-92 with total estimated cost of more than 700 thousand UAH, as well as equipment used for the storage and sale of fuel and lubricants were seized from illicit turnover and transferred to responsible storage as a result of proceeded actions.

Collection and registration of materials for decision making is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.