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Conversion center with a turnover of more than 258 million UAH was liquidated in Kyiv

14.01.2020 -

Employees of tax police of the SFS in Kyiv region under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s office in Kyiv stopped activity of conversion center that carried out conversion operations for more than 258 million UAH over 2018-2019.

Group of individuals who provided services on the documentary cover of the non-commodity operations, formation of illegal tax credit and transfer of cashless funds into cash to enterprises of the real sector of economy has been identified within the framework of the investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 2 Article 205-1 and Part 3 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Really acting enterprises transferred cashless funds to the accounts of controlled enterprises transit and / or fictitious business entities controlled by involved individuals allegedly for the purchased commodity-material goods (works, services). In turn, the defendants transferred the specified funds to the customers in cash (except for 12% of the converted amount, which served as a “reward” for the conversion services) with the forged primary documents.

30 thousand USD, 862 thousand UAH (equivalent to more than 1.56 million UAH), laptops, system units, 137 business seals and documents proving illegal activity were seized according to the results of authorized searches conducted at the place of residence of involved individuals, in their cars and bank boxes.

The investigation is ongoing.