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Tax police liquidated scheme on illegal production and sale of jewelry. Commodity-material products worth 17.3 million UAH were seized

03.03.2020 -

Employees of tax police of the SFS in Zhytomyr region jointly with employees of tax police of the SFS in Kyiv region police liquidated scheme on illegal production and sale of jewelry.

Owner of one Kyiv company involved in production and sale of jewelry who organized the tax evasion scheme upon the sale of jewelry manufactured in its own clandestine facility has been identified within the framework of investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 3 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Defendant sold jewelry which was illegally manufactured of metals of unknown origin through a number of controlled individuals-entrepreneurs registered in Zhytomyr region. Controlled entrepreneurs transferred a part of funds earned from the sale of goods, to the accounts of company headed by involved defendant as a payment allegedly for purchased goods, and another part of funds was transferred to the breaker of law in cash.

Due to the fact that the real volume of sales and cost of jewelry was not reflected in accounting and tax reports of the specified company during 2018-2019, the defendant evaded payment of taxes in especially large amounts.

A number of searches were conducted in the premises occupied by the involved individual, including searches in the commercial premises of Kyiv on the basis of court orders. Commodity-material products without documents on their origin worth more than 17.3 million, UAH including a batch of silver jewelry with a total cost of more than 6.8 million UAH, a batch of gold jewelry and a batch of gold, incl. in ingots totaling 10.5 million UAH were seized as a result of conducted searches. In addition, accounting documents, computer equipment and electronic media containing evidence of illegal activity were also seized.

The investigation is ongoing.