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“Clandestine” fuel production warehouse was exposed in Kharkiv region

03.04.2020 -

Chief Financial Investigations Department of the Large Taxpayer Office of the SFS jointly with employees of Eastern Regional Directorate of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the Attorney General’s Office exposed an unlawful production and sale of fuel and lubricants.

Two citizens of Ukraine who using several controlled enterprises organized illegal fuel production in Kharkiv region have been identified within the framework of criminal proceeding under Part 2 Article 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Fuel was produced in “clandestine warehouses” using specialized equipment designed for mixing and dissolving fuel and lubricants, as well as for the distillation of petroleum products by adding various kinds of ligroin fractions. Products were sold through the gas station networks for cash.

Searches at illegal fuel production sites were conducted on the basis of court order. Accounting and technical documentation, computer equipment and laboratory equipment for fuel production were seized during the searches. In addition, samples were taken from each vessel for forensic chemical examination.

Currently illegal production of fuel has been stopped. Investigators took remnants of the absorbent, raw materials, etc., with a total mass of more than 460 tons.

Investigative actions are ongoing.