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Man transporting the counterfeit cigarettes from LPR by boat was detained

06.04.2020 -

Employees of the SFS special tax police unit from the Joint Forces jointly with the Armed Forces servicemen and representatives of the Security service of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s office in Luhansk region blocked the import channel of counterfeit tobacco products from the temporarily occupied territory.

Local resident who, on his own inflatable boat, loaded and transported a batch of the counterfeit tobacco product from the occupied territory was detained on the illegal crossing over the river Severskyi Donets near the village “Lobacheve”. Counterfeit cigarettes were about to be distributed to local dealers for further sale through outlets across the region.

Boat and 4990 packs with cigarettes of unknown origin without the excise tax stamps of Ukraine with the estimated cost of 250 thousand UAH were seized from illicit turnover as a result of proceeded measures.

Chief Financial Investigations Department of the Main Directorate of the SFS in Luhansk region started a criminal proceeding under Part 1 Article 204 (illegal production, storage, sale or transportation of excisable products for the purpose of sale) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Currently, other individuals involved in illegal activity are being identified.