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Criminal proceeding regarding the illegal production of alcohol beverages and ethyl alcohol was directed to the court in Kirovohrad region

15.04.2020 -

On the 10t of April 2020, investigators of the SFS in Kirovohrad region under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s office in Kirovohrad region directed criminal proceeding against a resident of Cherkasy region to the court. Specified citizen, together with his accomplice, was selling illegally produced alcohol beverages and ethyl alcohol across the territory of Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions.

Within the framework of criminal proceeding under Part 2 Article 28, Part 1 Article 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine it was exposed that during 2018-2020 residents of Cherkasy city systematically purchased illegally produced ethyl alcohol and alcohol beverages, packaged in plastic bottles with a capacity of 5 liters for the purpose of obtaining uncontrolled state profits. Further, these products were sold to residents of Cherkasy and Kirovograd regions. Sale was carried out from the territory of homeownership and leased warehouse, as well as by delivery using personal car.

Tax police officers terminated activity of the specified group of individuals in February 2020. Searches were conducted in mentioned premises of defendants of the criminal proceeding on the basis of the court orders. 2.8 tons of ethyl alcohol, 1820 liters of the counterfeit alcohol beverages and car used for transportation of ethyl alcohol and alcohol beverages were seized as a result of searches. Court imposed arrest at all seized property.

Defendants may face a fine in the amount of 85 thousand UAH with confiscation and destruction of illegally produced goods.