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Taxpayers of Luhansk region refunded almost UAH 170 million of VAT


This was announced by Vasily Papu - Acting Head of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties in the Luhansk region.

He stressed that return of duties is provided not by the tax burden on business, but thanks to high-quality service and constructive cooperation with conscientious taxpayers who are on time and in full transfer the duties.

At the same time, according to Vasily Papu to ensure a steady and rhythmic filling the treasury specialists of Revenue and Duties carefully monitor the illegal scheme "tax gaps" through which some taxpayers try to evade VAT pyment.

"Today, through the use of risk- efficient system, we find evidence that suggest minimizing VAT and return loss budget - said Vasily Papu. - Since the beginning of the year by testing companies-"minimizers" the budget received almost UAH 16 million of VAT. In 235 business entities VAT licenses revoked".