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To the attention of banks and other financial institutions!

06.08.2019 -

The State fiscal service of Ukraine informs that changes to the schemes for controlling electronic forms of notifications regarding the opening / closing of account were made according to the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine as of 09.07.2019 №. 292 “On the changes to the order on the submission of messages regarding the opening / closing of the taxpayers’ accounts in banks and other financial institutions to the controlling authorities” registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated 30.07.2019 №. 832/33803.

Updated electronic forms of documents for each type of message file and the control scheme are available on the official web portal of the SFS in the Section: “E-reporting document> Software module for generation and forwarding of message files regarding the opening / closing of the accounts” – “Forms of the emails regarding the opening / closing of the accounts”.